Assalamu Alaikum, This is Freelancer Kamal

I am a Professional Digital Marketer, WordPress Web Designer & SEO Expert in Bangladesh

My clients call me the Best Digital Marketing Expert, WordPress Designer and SEO Expert in Bangladesh. It is because I love to do my Best for clients.

Experience Meets Expertice

I am a person who is passionate about internet marketing. Even I help peoples through my services. In this blog, I share my strategies and experience other kinds of stuff on marketing, web design, and business growth.
…by the way, how may I help you?

Digital Marketing

Now I working as a full-time digital marketer. I offer my service on Fiverr,, Upwork and local clients. Currently working With Futured Life​

Webite Design

I help my clients by designing a stunning website. Site design is mobile responsive and SEO structured (includes schema data)​​

WEbsite SEO

Are you looking to rank 1st page in Google to improve website visibility in Google search, Audit, Increase sales and need Custom WordPress SEO strategy? 


Google Adsense is the best way of earning money, but the main issue is to approve it. For that, I’m here to help you with getting approval.


About Me 25 secodns
This is Freelancer Kamal. I started my freelancing career in 2019. For now, I'm working a part-time job at Futured Life. Most of the time I Do Digital Marketing.
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